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COD MW2 (Console)
VESPERIUM: Headshot Aimbot

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Some screenshots of the tool working, highlighting the head area of the enemies with auto aim.


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Recently Added Games


online play, a horror game where you must investigate with friends

Lethal Company

online play, players tasked with collecting resources to sell and meet company quota

Overwatch 2

online play, play with friends or queue up with randoms in a FPS style game with skills


Unlike our competitors we offer our services for both PC & Consoles via RemotePlay. What does this mean? inexpensive costs as we don't require you to purchase expensive equipment like a video capture card all you need is a laptop or desktop! Our tool offers many features that are currently used and available on the market such as OpenCV, Tensor, Yolo, Color detection, Masked filters, neural network, aim assist, headshot algorithm and many more! We offer our tool at a monthly subscription price and will always maintain it to be undetectable. If you are interested please contact "mr.lockon3" on Discord, we only offer our services to a limited few and we are a private community so get your seat before it's filled.

Client Reviews

Currently no reviews, as our product ETA will launch on New Years 1/1/2024